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The flood man embodies the unstoppable power of water, guiding people on their way to their destination.


The flood man resides in every deep pool, along rapids and vortices, under waterfalls, in rivers and lakes. At the bottom it has sumptuous castles in which rooms line up, one more beautiful than the other. Everything shines with gold, precious stones and crystal. The flood man is powerful and strong and likes to help honest and hardworking people and guide them on the way to the goal. But he is also very hot-tempered and does not like arrogance, throwing stones into lakes, spitting, cursing and whistling. When it gets angry, it stirs the water and makes high waves, causing storms and winds that sink boats and flood the shores. To calm him down, it is necessary to throw some valuable object into the water.

WATER MAN - Menthol ointment (15 ml)

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