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About the company

Mioba, doo we are  a small Slovenian manufacturing company.  We have been making herbal cosmetics for more than 30 years. Our motto is: more than 50% of the ingredients in the products must be of natural origin!


The raw materials we use are tested and have certificates that ensure safe use. An important ingredient in most of our products is jojoba oil, which is considered one of the purest products of nature today. We add more than 10% of this excellent oil to creams so that it can fulfill its purpose - it nourishes the skin with the natural vitamin E it contains and penetrates deep into the skin. In the Maya collection, we also added coffee oil because it absorbs quickly into the skin and protects it from aging, soothes it, maintains its moisture, improves smoothness and blood circulation, and has a pleasant smell. Coffee bean oil is a common, effective ingredient in anti-cellulite and antiaging creams. AFA algae, which contains such a concentrated amount of nutrients as is hard to find in any other food, we added a nourishing blue-green cream that also contains honey and chlorophyll, both excellent antioxidants.

The founder of the company is Milan Plešec, mag. pharmacy, who was first employed at the Faculty of Pharmacy, then worked for Alkaloid and Schering and in parallel he also engaged in medicinal herbs and cosmetics. In 1983 he started his own business. He regularly monitors findings and research in the field of cosmetics, but also takes into account tradition. Thus, we are one of the first, if not the first company to start using jojoba oil in Slovenia - liquid gold. Based on this oil, he has developed a unique cream that does not contain allergens and provides care for problematic and demanding skin. To this day, it has maintained small-scale production, within the scope of the galenic laboratory, so are the products   so to speak, manually  manufactured and throughout the process  under  professional supervision of a pharmacist. Occasionally  participate  also family members: daughter Eva, dipl. ing. labor. biomedicine, wife Dana, prof. biology and daughter Ana, who is currently in  El Salvador is studying anthropology and traditional medicine.


The company is headquartered in  Ljubljana, Hafnerjeva 2. We have more than 20 products for the care of the whole body: creams, milks, ointments, massages  gels, oils and shampoos. The products are available in many pharmacies and specialty medical supply stores, but you can also order them by mail.

In the family business, however, we have an ear not only for science and cosmetics, but also for tradition and history: in a rich private museum collection  we have old ethnological subjects in the field of folk medicine and beekeeping and more than 1000 subjects in the field of the history of pharmacy. The collection includes especially valuable mortars from the 13th to the 20th century, ceramic, wooden and glass pharmacy containers from the 17th to the 19th century.  and pharmacy furniture, appliances, recipes, and books from the 16th to 20th centuries. Slovenian territory has been inhabited since ancient times, ruled by various lords, the influences of the Mediterranean, northern Germanic lands, Pannonia and the Balkans intertwined, and all this is reflected in the extraordinary diversity of the history of pharmacy.

stara lekarna
stara lekarna
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