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Lesnik is a symbol of the forest, which represents freedom, protects family and friendly ties.


Lesnik is a forest dwarf that lives among the roots of trees. At the birth of every Lesnik, a tree is planted, with which Lesnik has been very connected all his life. It grows and develops along with it. Lightning never strikes such a tree, not even the strongest storms destroy it, and no disease infects it. According to some traditions, beech is Lesnik's chosen tree. Lesnik is the guardian of family and friendly ties, as he also nurtures them carefully. He pays special attention to making friends with forest animals, and with his skill and knowledge he helps them in many embarrassments: he pulls thorns out of their paws, sharpens their hooves, heals fractures and rescues them from traps. Heals with mushrooms and fragrant forest plants and fruits. But he loves to shave fools out of hunters, greedy and lazy.



HAZELNUT - Spruce ointment (15 ml)

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