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Belena embodies natural healing power, cures diseases, brings light and guides travelers.


According to the narrative Noric tradition, Belena is the goddess of light and healing powers, who takes care of birth and development, heals blindness and is the patron saint of nature and all living beings. Archaeological sources testify that white shrines were erected on mountain passes, so it was especially recommended to travelers. She is the companion of Belina, the most important Noric sun god.

The tradition of Belena and Belin is preserved mainly in the Tolmin region and in the vicinity of Kobarid. The motif of a white medicinal flower growing on Krn on pointed rocks is mentioned. It blooms every seven years, seven months and seven days, but when it blooms, only a tiny seed remains, which has miraculous healing powers and can cure any disease.

The story of old Vogrin, who decided to help a young girl who was suffering from jetika, has been preserved. He went to the mountains and found a miracle seed. The girl recovered, and all trace of old Vogrin disappeared.


BELENA - Calendula ointment (15 ml)

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